I started photography when I was a kid. I had a simple manual camera with only the basic functions. I captured everything, from nature to my pets to my friends. Later, when I was a teenager, I dived into experimental photography, black & white, mystery scenes…




Finally I got a SRL, and my days of travel photography began. Until one day, when on a trip to Egypt, the battery of my camera died and there was no way to replace it. I was releaved. I was tired of viewing the world through lenses. I wanted to enjoy the trip. The following years, I photographed only occasionally, most times not even carried a camera along.

A couple of years ago, I rediscovered my old passion. I no longer feel like I only view the world through lenses. Rather the opposite. I’m much more aware of the seasons, the light, the colours. I can tell the name of a leafless tree in winter because I noticed it in summer.




Right now, I do a lot of monochrome photography - black and white as well as colour. I love the patches of light in the landscape, when the sky is covered, the colours the light creates, the moods, and the beauty in all of it. But I also like the creative workflow back home. From processing the images to designing my website. I hope you enjoy!


Beatrice Suter